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An extensive database of cladding materials based on their material composition and flammability

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About the Library

The Cladding Materials Library comprises an extensive database of cladding materials based on their composition and flammability as individual components, and which may be used to perform hazard analyses. The database is a tool for qualified engineers to enable an adequate fire hazard identification and quantification of the potential fire spread of cladding materials.

The flammability of cladding materials (aluminium composite panels, insulation, and any other materials such as sarking) is defined based on well-established testing frameworks widely accepted in the fire safety engineering community. These frameworks have been applied and peer reviewed within the scope of fire research studies on the fire performance of aluminium composite panels and insulation materials at The University of Queensland and the University of Edinburgh.

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Our partnerships

The University of Queensland

The Cladding Materials Library is a research project designed, developed and maintained by the Fire Safety Engineering Research group, the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering at The University of Queensland.

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Department of Housing and Public Works

This research project is funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works as part of the Safer Buildings framework established to help identify buildings in Queensland that may have potentially combustible cladding.

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QFES has established a Cladding Support Unit to assess any increased operational response requirements to buildings that are potentially affected by combustible cladding.

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The Queensland Building and Construction Commission is carrying out the Safer Buildings combustible cladding audit for private Queensland buildings.

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